Ashi Tshomen: The Mermaid Princess

Ashi Tshomen: The Mermaid Princess


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Product Description
Written By: Kunzang Choden
Illustrated by: Pema Tshering
ISBN: 978-99980-48-02-7
BICMA Reg No: 100000836
Published by: Riyang Book

Ashi Tshomen is half human and half snake for she is a lu princess who lives in a lake. She loves to play with her friends under the water, but also to watch the human beings who live on earth above her lake.

When the human beings become selfish and careless, they pallute her lake and hurt those who live in the lake. Ashi Tshomen's father, the king of the lake becomes angry and plans to punish the human beings but Ashi Tshomen helps to find a better solution.

This children's book while set in the contemporary world, tenderly evokes the traditional relationship between the lu, or subterranean spirits who protect our water sources and the humans.
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