Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle, 480ml - MJA-B048 ABO

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Brand: Tiger

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Product Description
Product name: Stainless Steel Bottle
Capacity: 480ml
Heat retention
-Greater than 86°C 186°F (1hour)
-Greater than 67°C 151°F (6hours)
Cold retention
-Less than 9°C-49°F (6hours)
-Inner flask: Stainless steel
-Outer container: Stainless steel
-Gasket: Silicone

Keep the product away from heat sources. Close the stopper securely.
Leave approx. 1cm-1/2-inch space from the
stopper when pouring beverages. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not fill with dry ice or carbonated beverages.
Do not wash the product in dishwashers.
Do not leave the product soaking in soapy water.
When carrying by the lid handle,
use caution not to turn or produce any other action
that may cause the lid to loosen.
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