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-Minimum age: 8 years
-Product description : amoeba have escaped and run in all directions, you have to quickly catch them. Players all play together and at the same time. Launch the 4 very special dice that will tell you which lab left the Amibe escape and what it looks. The first who denotes the good amoe wins a point. But be careful, these little beasts don't get caught easily: they hide under the ventilation grilles and may suffer mutations. Cold blood, sense of observation and speed are the -key to a well-ordered laboratory.
-Number of players: 2 to 10 players
-Game duration: 20 minutes
-Box contents: 25 x illustrated boxes, 4 x extra special dice, 30 x tokens, 1 x game ruler

Panic at the lab! Curious amoeba escaped from the laboratory: will you be able to catch up with them 'With special dice and your sense of logic, designate the right amoeba before your opponents and win a token. But be careful because amoeba are malignant and can hide in ventilation grilles and even mutate. Think quickly but stare about the overheating of neurons!
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