Lappy Master Smart AC Power Adapter

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Product Description
AC Adaptor:
This high power AC adapter is designed to power the popular brand notebook computers.

Input: 110-240V, 50-60Hz
Weight: 290 grams

Fast & accurate charging
Temperature & voltage sensing circuit
Designed for smart battery system charging
Low ripple operating mode
Uses heat reduction technology

Do not shake or give much pressure on the product. Do not operate with the product under high temperature, moisture, dirty conditions otherwise may cause failure or accident.
Do not operate the product with wet hands to avoid electric shock.
Do not decompose or reconstruct this product.
Keep this away from children.

@Kinley Wangchuk 2 years ago
can it be use for sony TV... that require 19.5 V

@Admin 2 years ago
Sorry this wont work on sony la.

@Pema Chodup 2 years ago
Can it be use for Asus mini laptop

@Admin 2 years ago
We are not sure whether it will work with your laptop but we suggest you to test before you purchase. Thank you la

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