Cuisine from Coorg

Cuisine from Coorg


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Coorg food is entirely different in taste, flavor and texture and eating a Coorg meal is and experience by itself. Coorgs are very cautious about handing over their recipies and keep them secret. These recipies have been handed down from generation to generation and they have all been tested in Coorg kitchens. Coorgs are mostly non vegetarian, although they have some delicious vegetarian dishes too. They cultivate paddy, coffee, cardamom, oranges, pepper and bamboo and the eat pork, sheep, chicken and fish. Different from any other of Indian cooking, Coorg food makes the palate tingle and titillates the taste buds. Once tasted, this food can never be forgotton.

-Author: Ranee Vijaia Kuttaiah
-Dimensions: 17x24 cm
-Publisher: Streling Publisher
-Language: English
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