Bhutanese Hand Woven Women's Half Kira (Hor Chem Meto Shinglo)

Bhutanese Hand Woven Women's Half Kira (Hor Chem Meto Shinglo)

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Made in Bhutan

STORE: Khomo kushutara

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Product Description
The weavers of the past and present continue to keep our culture alive. They are highly skilled in combining colors and motifs to create fabrics ranging from the simplest to the most exquisite and elaborate products from the loom. This section is a little of what is created as Kira fabrics, some from the past and some of what is woven today. The fundamental difference between the Kira and Gho fabric is that most fabrics designed as Kiras are woven to be worn horizontally and have a Kha Cha (special design for the bottom and top end) whereas men’s fabrics are worn vertically.

Size: L 125cm x W 240cm
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