Bhutan Organic Fertilizer, 10kg

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Product Description
Rate of application
For field crops :1-2 ton/acres
For potting mix ratio : 20-30: 70
( 30% Organic fertilizer : 70% soil)

How to use or apply:
1. For other crops apply organic fertilizer prior to planting and after ploughing for best nutrient absorption.
2. We can also add or apply organic fertilizer after planting for top dressing of the plants or mix with soil for small gardens.
3. For potting mix for flowers and ornamental palnts. Just mix the required ratio of both organic fertilizer and soil depending upon the size of pot and plant size...
4. For best result apply organic fertilizer in the morning and evening. And avoid when raining.
5. Store your stocks in a cool and shady area away from direct sunlight to increase its shelf life.
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