Delivery rates & policies

Dos for online shopping

  • In the event you found that you have mistaken, and ordered wrongly, there is always an option to cancel the order before it gets delivered, in your store, once it gets delivered in your store, it means, we have paid for the goods to the store and in transit, so after that you will have to get delivery of the goods.
  • Check whether the online shop is genuine and trusted, and also check if it is a secure site, a secure site usually has https instead of the just the http server.
  • Check the packing of the goods properly before getting the delivery, to avoid any tampered packing.
  • Do pay by credit card. You are protected by the law and liable only for $50 if your credit-card number is stolen and used.
  • Do check your credit-card statements to make sure you were charged the proper amount and that no 'extras' were added.
  • Do check the site's privacy policy before you order.

Don’t for online shopping

  • Do not order goods just for fun, or if you do not need it, as it involves lot of expenses to the supplier and those providing you the service.
  • Do not threaten or scold the delivery counter people, they are just there to deliver your goods, they are in no way related to the online stores you are buying your goods from, it would be polite to smile to them, who are trying hard to deliver your goods.
  • Don't send cash. Pay by credit card because you're protected.
  • Don't send any financial information via email. It is not a safe method for communicating this sensitive information (credit-card or Social Security numbers).
  • Don't forget to read the return policy and other terms of the deal before ordering.
  • Don't forget to inspect your new product as soon as it arrives.

 Register Product Within Bhutan

  • Both personal and business posting items and documents up to 2kgs can be sent as letters. They may be sealed for no proof of their content is required.
  • Minimum Charges: 50 NU.
  • Maximum Charges: 450 NU.
  • 1000 g 225 NU within Bhutan.

Express Mail Service Within Bhutan

  • Maximum 30 kg.
  • Minimum charges: 90 NU.
  • Maximum charges: 840 NU.


  • Depend upon the country you are sending.
  • Minimum charges: 1350 NU.
  • Minimum weight starts from 250 g.