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Featured Products

Puma ftINXT Tra ..

Nu: 4,999.00 2,999.00


Linemates Singl ..

Nu: 660.00


Multipurpose Do ..

Nu: 215.00


Gerber Veggie D ..

Nu: 650.00


Recent Sale
Shudh Refined Oil, 750 ml

Shudh Refined Oil, 750 ml

Nu. 120.00
7 minutes ago

Sleepy Owl Hazelnut Premium Instant Coffee(100% Arabica)- 100g

Sleepy Owl Hazelnut Premi ..

Nu. 449.00
46 minutes ago

Local Chilli Powder, 150g

Local Chilli Powder, 150g

Nu. 70.00
46 minutes ago

Paro-8 Water Refill, 20L (Water with Jar Exchange)

Paro-8 Water Refill, 20L ..

Nu. 100.00
46 minutes ago

Paro-8 Water Refill, 20L (Water with Jar Exchange)

Paro-8 Water Refill, 20L ..

Nu. 100.00
56 minutes ago


@Manoj Adhikari
Thimphu 1 day ago

the yellow shoe boxes we bought are of different sizes. the door part is too small and doesn’t fit with this Body. The orange ones are fine but not yellow. Please replace it.

The items are at my place and zala team and inspect it before replacing. plz call my wife at 77112200 for more details.

thank you.

@Admin 1 day ago
Sorry for inconvenience caused, we would have appreciated if sir have informed us bit earlier. However, yellow and orange are both sold out la to exchange. We will send you Blue color la.

@Manoj Adhikari
Thimphu 6 days ago

black marker pen and blue marker pen purchased is not working. the ink is dried up. need replacement.

@Admin 6 days ago
Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We have informed our sales team and we will send replacement by today evening la.

@Yeshey Choden
Thimphu 2 weeks ago

Very convenient and the service is so great ?

@Admin 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your excellent review and shopping at

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6. Sonam Yangden, Thimphu 2

7. Tenzin, Thimphu 2

8. Manoj Adhikari, Thimphu 2

9. Khando Gurung, Thimphu 2

10. Medon, Thimphu 2

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Animals & Pet Supplies


Pet Bowl - Large

Animals & Pet ..
Pet Supplies
Stock: 5

Nu. 300.00


Drools Double Brush, 300g

Animals & Pet ..
Stock: 2

Nu. 349.00


Hug n Wag Shed Control Shampoo, 100ml

Animals & Pet ..
Pet Supplies
Stock: 5

Nu. 170.00 (MRP)
Nu. 150.00

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Baby & Toddler


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100 Best Delicious Chocolate

Stock: 2

Nu. 395.00


Monk Chasing Monkey

Stock: 2

Nu. 350.00

Office Supplies

Toys & Games


Doll Iron Man Blue- D-273

Toys & Games
Stock: 3

Nu. 978.00


Smile Stickers

Toys & Games
Stock: 54

Nu. 50.00


King of New York Board Game

Toys & Games
Stock: 1

Nu. 1,625.00

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