Etude House Double Lasting Cushion Glow (23N1 Sand), 15g

Etude House Double Lasting Cushion Glow (23N1 Sand), 15g

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Nu. 1,280.00

Unit: Piece
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Health & Beauty

- Personal Care

Brand: Etude House

STORE: Cosmetic Hub

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Product Description
A cushion foundation that makes skin bright and glowing by thinly adhering to skin. Thin and delicate close to the skin, the color is harmonious with the skin. It can be applied to skin makeup without clogging and can be used for corrective makeup. Double fix system holds the first make-up tightly and lasts consistently over time.

How to use:
Open inner lid and gently stamp and twist puff into product, apply to skin by patting. Build additional coverage where desired. Always close inner cover completely after use to prolong contains longevity.
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